Priyal’s Story


What began as a curiosity about the human psyche through early experiences and challenges, gradually culminated into a quiet determination to work towards becoming an active member of the helping profession.

I recall it was during my undergraduate studies that I discovered the world of alternative healing approaches with Dr. Brian Weiss’ best seller, “Many Lives, Many Masters”. With an intrinsic pull in the direction of regression therapies since then, I went on to complete the Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy course from California Hypnosis Institute India (CHII).

Subsequently, I enrolled in a Master’s Program in Counselling at Webster University, Switzerland. Due to its integrative approach, this was a space to delve into the origins of professional therapy as we know it, and the many forms it has taken over the past few decades. At a deeper level, this was a time of reflection into my own behavioural traits that I may have been carrying with me, unwittingly and unconsciously. It was also an opportunity to let go of patterns that were no longer helpful, and move forward feeling more connected to my ‘authentic self’.

Personally, I resonate deeply with an approach that views the individual as a ‘whole’ and provides a safe space for them to reconnect with their mind, body and soul.  After working in the field of corporate counselling (with client issues ranging from relationship concerns, anxiety, anger management, stress, grief and bereavement and crisis intervention), based out of Bangalore I am eager to incorporate these experiences into my own practice, integrating counselling with clinical hypnotherapy.

This is the vision I have for the future – people whose sense of well-being is reflected in their smiles and self belief.
A gratitude note – I feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by a wonderful group of people who have shown unconditional love and support through this learning curve at a personal and professional level. Thank you for being there.

Photo Courtesy:
Kavin Bhonsle